Hero@Zero: Masterflex transforms business model towards circular economy

The Masterflex Group revolutionizes the market for hoses and connection systems and transforms it into a circular economy

The Masterflex Group is expanding its product, consulting and solution know-how to include eco-effectiveness, i.e. a circular economy without additional resource consumption. To this end, the current business model will be converted and expanded in stages up to 2035.

The focus here is on the digital hose world AMPIUS® , with which a digital twin of all products and their life cycles will be made available to enable a circular economy of hoses and connecting systems.

To this end, today’s consulting and product business will be gradually repositioned by 2035 and expanded to include additional services such as take-back, recycling and eco-certification. The goal is an endless circular economy of plastic hoses.

In doing so, the Masterflex Group, as a leader in its market (“Hero”), is committed to not consuming any additional resources (i.e. “Zero”).

“With our Hero@Zero strategy, we want to make an economically and ecologically traceable positive contribution for our customers. Our vision is a circular economy for hoses and connection systems without the need for additional resources,” says Dr. Andreas Bastin, CEO of the Masterflex Group.

In addition to operational excellence, digitalization and internationalization, this is another aspect of the Masterflex Group’s transformation into a secure and modern company for the future.

Successful relocation to Düsseldorf

The move is complete, APT is 100% operational in all core areas, and the first hoses have already been delivered. 

Thanks to the great commitment of all employees, service providers and even colleagues from other Masterflex Group locations, the move went 100% according to plan and smoothly. The new hall in industrial architecture is not only large, bright and modern, but also optimally adapted to APT’s work and process flows. 

In the next weeks already, the capacities in the production of shrink tubes (by 30%) and in the extrusion area (by 10% up to 20%) will be expanded. In addition, APT now has climate-controlled and enclosed areas in PTFE production, resulting in a further reduction in the risk of contamination and optimized process quality.

The changeover to a new ERP system has also been 100% successful. Data transfer, inventory and stocktaking have already been completed via the company’s new “control center”. In the future, this will mean an even better data basis and manufacturing processes that can be mapped optimally.

In short: more quality with shorter delivery times.  

Managing Director Martin Brück: “We are highly motivated to continue our sustainable growth together with our customers.”

Efficient intralogistics through modern racking systems

Spaces create possibilities: With twice as much storage space as before and a ceiling height of over six meters, APT’s new production hall in Düsseldorf offers the opportunity to rethink the entire intralogistics process – and make it (even) more efficient, digital and sustainable.

In the future, a modern racking system built to the heights and linked to the new merchandise management system will move all parts of the production process faster, more accurately and more efficiently.

This gives APT a high degree of scalability and at the same time enormous potential to sustainably improve and shorten internal transport and automation processes.

Managing Director Martin Brück: “We are also using the move to optimize our digital processes and are taking a close look at the topic of Industry 4.0.”

The aim is not only to make production processes more efficient, but also to think about sustainability from the very beginning.

Brück: “Here, too, the new production site is excellently positioned.”

Picture: Beck & Co Industriebedarf GmbH & Co. KG/META-Regalbau GmbH & Co. KG

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