High-purity tubing for powerful microchips – APT establishes itself as a reliable partner in the core semicon segment.

The semiconductor industry is renowned for its stringent requirements for maximum purity and process stability, which is why high purity PFA tubing solutions and related products are of paramount importance for use in these sensitive areas. APT, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, manufactures high-purity tubing solutions made in Germany. 

The tubing is often used as a component in systems or as part of an assembly in modern chip factories, and its material properties ensure that application processes run smoothly. Microchips are at the heart of technical devices, and the quality of the chips must be 100 per cent right. Systems for semiconductor technologies must work efficiently in the manufacturing process. High-purity PFA tubing is ideal for applications where absolute purity and process stability are essential.

A person in a cleanroom suit inspects a computer chip. It is about high-purity pfa tubing products for semiconductor technologies made in Germany by APT from Düsseldorf

APT offers not only standardised solutions, but also custom-made plastic tubing made of fluoropolymers. For less sensitive areas within semiconductor technology, the two Masterflex Group subsidiaries Novoplast Schlauchtechnik and Masterflex also manufacture suitable product solutions. A key element of APT’s success is the cultivation of networks within the entire value chain. Giovanni Rossi, Segment Market Leader, plays a central role in this. His expertise helps APT to maintain and develop close relationships with partners and customers. 

APT goes beyond the production of high-purity PFA tubing and offers comprehensive consulting services. The company facilitates multi-party discussions and is available as a development partner. This customer-oriented approach and the high quality of its products make APT an indispensable partner in the semiconductor industry. Distributors, assemblers, system providers and chip manufacturers rely on APT to safely and reliably produce cost-effective semiconductors.