FEP Heat shrink tubes

Raw material information

Our FEP heat shrink tubes are manufactured from pure high-molecular FEP tubes (Fluorinated ethylene propylene) to provide them with an extraordinary stretching behavior and a long life-time.

FEP is part of the fluoropolymers and offers properties such as a high UV stability, best possible anti-adhesive behavior on a particular smooth surface, a wide range of temperatures of use and a nearly universal stability against acids and bases. The shrinking temperature is about +180°C +/- 10°C. (356°F +/-15°F)


Very good anti-adhesive properties (no adherence)
Highly transparent
Easy to apply
Long-lasting at continuous temperatures up to + 205 °C (+ 400 °F)
Safe for food and beverages
Labs-free (free of parasitical painting moistening substances)
Easier and faster to apply than PTFE heat shrink tubes


  • 23 different standard dimensions with diameters from 0,68 mm to 25,40 mm
  • Packaging as per customer’s request
  • Possibility to manufacture in other colors

Application areas

  • Electrical elements coating
  • Cable insulation
  • Roll covering in food and chemical industries
  • Medical equipment’s coating
  • UV-lamp sleeving


  • produced in standard lengths of 1,22 m (4ft.) or in continuous length on spools
  • Other colors or wall thicknesses as well as different lengths on request
  • Recommended shrinking temperature: 180 °C +/- 10 °C (+356 °F +/- 15 °F)
  • Longitudinal shrinkage of +/- 10% in shrinking process

Data sheet