Efficient intralogistics through modern racking systems

Spaces create possibilities: With twice as much storage space as before and a ceiling height of over six meters, APT’s new production hall in Düsseldorf offers the opportunity to rethink the entire intralogistics process – and make it (even) more efficient, digital and sustainable.

In the future, a modern racking system built to the heights and linked to the new merchandise management system will move all parts of the production process faster, more accurately and more efficiently.

This gives APT a high degree of scalability and at the same time enormous potential to sustainably improve and shorten internal transport and automation processes.

Managing Director Martin Brück: “We are also using the move to optimize our digital processes and are taking a close look at the topic of Industry 4.0.”

The aim is not only to make production processes more efficient, but also to think about sustainability from the very beginning.

Brück: “Here, too, the new production site is excellently positioned.”

Picture: Beck & Co Industriebedarf GmbH & Co. KG/META-Regalbau GmbH & Co. KG

APT: Move to Düsseldorf

APT, the fluoropolymer specialist within the Masterflex Group, will relocate to Düsseldorf, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, at the end of the year.

This step has become necessary because the production and sales premises in Neuss (current location) are no longer suitable in many respects due to the strong growth in recent years. In addition, APT wants to consistently continue its growth course and high quality goals together with its customers.    

APT will therefore move into a bright and modern unit of approximately 3,700 m² in an industrial park in the south of Düsseldorf. The new production and sales facility is only about 12 km away from the old location, but offers the following unbeatable advantages, among others:

Flexible design options

The room layout can be designed flexibly, thus long-term planning security also for capacity expansions and sustainable growth, almost doubled production and storage areas, installation of optimised and efficient manufacturing processes according to APT specifications (“Design by APT Needs” & “Industry 4.0 Ready”), …

Certified (DGNB) sustainable construction method

Equipping the hall with LED lights for bright and at the same time energy-saving illumination, which is particularly important for the demanding quality control at APT, modern production, office and social rooms for the employees, …

Easy access to the production hall

Delivery and collection can take place at ground level (via sectional doors) or via a ramp (sectional doors with electric dock levellers), …

Very good transport connections

Only a two-minute walk to the nearest bus stop, five to 10 minutes to the nearest motorway slip road and 25 minutes by car to Düsseldorf airport, attractive infrastructure due to the proximity to the Rhine, …

The possibility of long-term expansion played a particularly important role in the choice of location. The new “APT home” fully meets this objective. This means that APT can continue to generate innovative and sustainable growth in the future.

As you can see, things remain exciting at APT! Continue to follow the regular business updates and make a note of our new address:  

APT Advanced Polymer Tubing GmbH, Bonner Straße 203g, 40589 Düsseldorf, Germany

APT Business Update: Dual Leadership in the Production

Double is better – is a common saying in Germany. But is dual leadership also a model for the production sector? From APT’s point of view, the answer is clearly: Yes!

With Martin Domgans as Plant Manager and Bekir Uslu as Production Manager Extrusion, ATP has now introduced an operational dual leadership in the production area.

There are a number of tangible benefits that make such “leadership tandems” superior: they must necessarily be team players, communicate clearly, act as equals – and act as mutual backups for all important operational processes. After more than six months of experience, APT Managing Director Martin Brück assures: “The concept is running like clockwork, to stay in the lingo of fluoropolymers.”

Together with Quality Manager Justyna Lesch, the new dual leadership ensures that APT customers can rely 100% on the usual high and certified quality of the products.

At the same time, APT is thus continuing its expansion course and expanding its operational excellence. Continue to accompany us on our successful path and follow our regular business updates.

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