Raw material information

FEP-flex is a modified version of standard FEP which shows significantly higher values in flex life.

FEP-flex is not softer nor is it more flexible compared to standard FEP, but the number of bending cycles is by far higher compared to standard FEP grades.

The high bending fatigue strength of FEP-flex tubes offers a considerably longer life time in application areas in which tubes are in a constant movement.

The material is highly transparent. All other physical and chemical characteristics are comparable to standard FEP tubes.

Depending on the movement the average lifetime of FEP-flex tubes compared to standard FEP tubes can be enhanced by the factor of 5 to 10.


FEP-Flex-tubes can be produced in any dimension between 0,10 mm (0.004”) and 110 mm (4.000”), with almost any wallthickness.

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