Individual Heat Shrink Tubing

Highly customized products  which cannot be covered with by our standard  product range are summarized under “Individual Heat Shrink Tubing”.

We are able to develop highly individual products for unique applications. Below we give some examples of products and solutions we successfully realized:

  • Heat Shrink Tubes with one sealed end
  • Ready covered object such as e.g. fill level gauges in various fluoropolymers
  • PTFE-FEP Dual-wall heat shrink sleeves with pre-shrunk ends
  • PFA Heat Shrink Tubing in a variety of diameters and colours
  • ETFE Heat Shrink Tubing with a shrink ration of 1,3:1 for object diameters of 7,00 mm

If you are looking for a solution to protect your parts from acids and chemicals, gasoline or oil, high or low temperatures etc. we might have a solution.