Highly individual products are summarized under „Customized Tubing”. These are usually products and solutions which we developed according to our customers´ needs. Below you find some examples of products we successfully realized.

Tubings made out of fluoropolymer compounds with certain fillers from BAS04 to Wolfram, Titanate and many others. These fillers can be used to change the mechanical properties of the base resins and even x-ray visibility or a certain conductivity can be achieved.

Components of different kinds in a variation of diffent applications can be sleeved / coated outside or inside with a Fluoropolymer. In some applications the Fluoropolymer is a simple heat shield, in others an electric insulation or a non-stick coating.

Spiral Tubes can be manufactured according to our customers specifications with hardly any limits. They are often used in laboratory applications to dispense chemicals.

Preformed tubing either 2 or 3-dimensional is also one of our added value products. Using our in-house tool shop, most of the preforms we use today were built within a timeframe of only 1 week. They are often used in devices with limited space or when the desired bendingradius is too low for the material.

Welding rods are simple round continuous profiles which are used to weld sheets or plates. It is important that the welding rod is made from the same resin as the corresponding plate / sheet, to achieve a long lasting connection of the material. We usually manufacture welding rods in diameters of 2,0-4,50 mm in PFA or FEP grades.

Profiles / sealings for carbon-fiber presses
Not everything we manufacture necessarily needs to be round. On request we develop profiles and sealings made from fluoropolymers.

Multi lumen tubing is mostly used in medical applications. Understanding the specific needs in this indury sector we manufacture 2-5 lumen tubing mostly in PTFE.

Recent developments enabled us to manufacture fluoropolymer tubes with laser marking. Using a special laser activator we are able to print on fluoropolymers without destroying the surface and hence weaken the material.