Raw material information

High-purity PFA (HP) polymers are particularly ultrapure types of PFA. On basis of the extrem low residual concentration on chemical extractables , these tubes are preferential used for applications, in which critical ultra pure liquids are used. Tubes made out of high-purity PFA are compliant with SEMI F57-0301 standards.


  • Extremly low residual concentration on chemicaly extractibles
  • Compliant with SEMI F57-0301
  • Produced and packaged und clean room conditions
  • All other properties as per standard PFA


APT produces high-purity PFA tubes from a minimum 0,10 mm inner diameter to a maximum 100m outer diameter in metrical and inch sizes. In addition to a wide range of standard dimensions products, on which we keep a high stock level, we produce almost any required dimensions.

Depending on customer’s request, the packaging is made in defined ring lenghts, coiled on spools or in straight lengths of up to 6 m. Our HP tubes are usually double packed in PE bags and additionl “end caps” protect the inside during handling.
Thanks to our state of the art extrusion technology, we can also produce mutlilayer high-purity PFA tubes (until 3 layers), for special applications.

Application areas

On basis of those excellent characteristics, high-purity PFA tubes are used in several applications in the industrial sector such as:

  • Semiconductors
  • Photovoltaics
  • Pharmacy
  • Biotechnology

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