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We are TOP 100 innovator!


We are one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany – distinguished by TOP 100.

At the 6th German SME Summit we received the TOP 100 award from Ranga Yogeshwar, TV journalist and mentor of the competition and Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke from compamedia.

As the only innovation competition in Germany, TOP 100 honors medium-sized companies for their innovation management and success. We were particularly convincing in the category “Innovative Processes and Organization”.

Around 15 employees are involved in innovation developments at our company: They test new materials, create antistatic hoses with an approval for the food sector or heatable hoses that can, for example, transport liquid chocolate. Above all, however, they are working on “intelligent” hoses and connection solutions under the name AMPIUS, which we develop together with our customers for their specific requirements.

APT develops a new process for labelling fluoropolymer tubes

APT Advanced Polymer Tubing, a Masterflex Group brand, together with a manufacturer of painting facilities has developed a new process for labelling fluoropolymer tubing. This new technology allows for the unique, customized, and sustainable labelling of FEP and PFA tubes.

Especially in the context of traceability, the labelling of products and components for industrial applications has become more and more important in the past years. In the case of products made of fluoropolymers, however, this is a complex issue. Due to the anti-adhesive properties of the materials, labels applied with commercial labelling systems, for instance, simply do not adhere to them. The processes currently in use are not ideal either: Tubes that are coloured by colour pigments are not suitable since the colours can be copied very easily. Burning in the labelling by a laser beam, on the other hand, may damage the tubing.

APT extends its product portfolio to include corrugated tubing made from fluoropolymers

APT Corrugated Tubes

APT Advanced Polymer Tubing, a Masterflex Group brand, is extending its product portfolio to include corrugated tubing made from fluoropolymers.

Corrugated tubes made from fully fluorinated fluoropolymers such as PTFE, FEP and PFA are resistant to virtually all types of chemicals such as solvents, acids and lyes. Irrespective of the polymer used, they have a continuous service temperature of up to +260°C and are even suitable for cryogenic applications (applications in extremely low temperature environments). They are also UV and weather-resistant and virtually do not age.

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