The war in Ukraine is causing a lot of suffering – millions of people are fleeing, hundreds of thousands have already reached Germany. They lack everything, mostly they only have what they can carry with them. For us, it was quickly clear that we had to do something.

The war in Ukraine is shaking us. The people there are in danger of losing everything they have built up. Those who flee have little more than the bare necessities. For us, it was quickly clear that we had to do something. Through our German subsidiaries, we will therefore distribute cash donations of 2,000 euros each to the following organizations:

Ukraine Kinder in Not im Rhein Kreis Neuss (APT)
Lions Club Überwald-Weschnitztal (Fleima-Plastic)
Schalke hilft bzw. Ukraine-Hilfe GE – eine Gemeinschaftsaktion der Gelsenkirchener Wirtschaft (Masterflex)
Come back alive in Kiew (Matzen & Timm)
Ukraine-Nothilfe der Stadt Halberstadt (Novoplast Schlauchtechnik)
In addition, ad hoc offers for paid internships will be created at all German Masterflex Group locations and the advertised positions (also for apprentices) will be explicitly expanded to include Ukrainian refugees

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