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High-purity tubing solutions at the ACHEMA trade fair, 10 to 14 June, Hall 8.0, Booth L80 in Frankfurt am Main.

APT at ACHEMA with seal of qualitiy

We manufacture high performance fluoropolymer tubing, shrink tubing and profiles at our modern production facility in Düsseldorf, Germany. We have our own product development department and our own system design and tooling. Our certified fluoropolymer tubing solutions are of the highest quality.
This is confirmed by the Teflon™ Diamond seal of approval.
Teflon™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC used under licence by APT.

Further details for quality-conscious businesses:

APT material, technology and process expertise:
  • Perfluorinated and partially fluorinated plastics (PFA, FEP, PVDF, ETFE, ECTFE, THV and PTFE)
  • Special compounds (fluoropolymer based)
  • Melt and paste extruded finished products
  • High dimensional stability and tight tolerances
  • In-line X-ray or laser measurement
  • Custom moulded parts and coating elements
  • Member of ProK and VDMA
  • Close network and strategic cooperation with established raw material suppliers, e.g. Teflon™ licence holders
APT core applications to the highest quality standards:
  • Hoses; corrugated hoses, heat shrink tubing and profiles
  • Welding wire (e.g. for welding PFA liners and boiler linings)
  • Customised hoses and fittings
  • Multilayer hoses
  • Multifunctional hose solutions
  • Spiral and spiralised hoses
  • Laser marked hoses (keyword: batch traceability)
  • Electrically conductive tubing
  • Tubing with optical or functional stripes
  • Coated with a variety of substrates

Looking for high performance fluoropolymer tubing for the semiconductor industry? Let us advise you at ACHEMA 2024!

In the semiconductor industry, APT’s high performance tubing plays a critical role due to its outstanding properties. The supply chains for semiconductors and microchips are extremely complex and mainly dominated by Asian countries. However, the European Chip Act is one of many initiatives to give Europe relevance and supply chain independence. Chip-Chip Hooray! APT is a reliable hose supplier with certified quality and comprehensive technical consulting expertise from Germany! ACHEMA Visitors to APT’s stand L80 in Hall 8.0 will be able to experience first-hand the high level of consultancy expertise in plastic tubing for the chip industry.

APT tubing for the semiconductor industry enables precise and tight media transfer, fulfils strict purity requirements (e.g. for gas analyses), is resistant to stress cracking and chemicals and can withstand extreme temperatures at high pressures.
Overall, fluoropolymer tubing plays a crucial role in ensuring precision, purity and reliability in the complex production processes of the semiconductor industry.

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„APT high purity tubes are ideal for maximum semicon requirements.“

Giovanni Rossi, Market Segment Leader Semicon

Expertise in fluoropolymer tubing
Bio-pharmaceutical industry

Biotechnology components are becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical market, enabling the treatment of diseases that were incurable years ago. As a result of increasing regulation and quality requirements, machinery and equipment manufacturers are often opting for ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions made from high-quality, recyclable plastics.

The requirements of the biopharmaceutical industry for product purity and ease of cleaning are challenging. With the right fluoropolymer tubing, the potential for adhesion and microbial growth can be significantly reduced,
can be significantly reduced.
APT tubing solutions for the biopharmaceutical or food industry have a number of advantageous product features.

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„APT tubing solutions make our customers’ products even better.“

Martin Brück, Managing Director

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